Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is Getting exciting :D

Only 18 days away from when we start hunting and already the store list looks awesome :D
The one thing I need from people right now is for them to finish filling out note cards and sending them in !!!!
I'm so excited I can't see straight (well ... I couldn't see straight in the first place >w<...Lol)
But Apllications or just wanting to particapate in this hunt is STILL OPEN so besure that you contact Ari Cheng or Anjali Parx in order to Seal your store in :D
Thank you all
I have a feeling We will Rock this hunt

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shops in Wonderland Hunt ~ Updated 8/5/11

This is a complete list of stores in The Wonderland Hunt:

Anjali Parx ~ Meow Mix
Anan Eebus ~ Unveiled Gallery
Ari Cheng ~ Pretty Kitties
Danielle Indigo ~ Lurve
April Loire ~ Coull Creations
Nitemara Daysleeper ~ Deadfall Designs
Telle Trezuguet ~ Bitter Bunnie Designs
Alice Demonia ~ Alice Project
Ona Ra ~ Jabberwocky
Kennedy Gearz ~ Kennedy's
TressAnn Decosta ~ Pinkmare's House
Roshy Aura ~ RVi Designs
Thena Claxton ~ Boof
Cameron Vasilov ~ Beautiful.Dirty.Rich
Elise Capilini ~ Cupcakes & Poetry
Adrianna Marquez ~ A& K Designs
Rachel Dooley ~ Short & Sweet Designs
Babydoll LaFontaine ~ Babydolls
Dashwood Muircastle ~ Dashwood Collection
Obyri Nightfire ~ Psychotic Neko
Helena Brevity~ Paper Heart
Gewittertante Aabye~ DramaZone
Unsightly ~  .[ᴘᴇᴛʀɪᴄʜᴏʀ].
Hallow Gothly~ Twisted Gothly Designs
Lael Cazalet~FlufferNutterz
Tatyana Ultsch~Insanya
Apexil Aker ~!!X Factor!!
Jenneh Thursday~ Off the Wall
Tatum Diesel~Love Me Brutal
Shadukha Druart~Industrial Kitty
Demi Ellisson~Nestle My Bosom
Kira Paderborn ~ Style by Kira
Tuki loon~DownDownDown
Tommytom Jun~Tweedle
Cathy Ryder~Ink Blots
Emedea Morgenstern ~ Rag Dollz Clothing
Barangelys Chantilly ~ Aris Aris
Eden Malik ~ Moxie
Liliane Despres ~ Rasetsukoku 
If your name isn't on this list, please IM Anjali Parx or Ari Cheng and let them know. Any comments, suggestions or ideas are always welcome! Good Hunting!

Wonderland Hunt! ~ Aug 15th - Sept 19th

Starting on August 15th and ending on the 19th of September, Sweet Dreams Sim will be hosting an Alice in Wonderland themed hunt. Hidden ALL over the Many Sims that are included into this hunt are mini card soldiers, waiting to steal all the goodies hidden inside! Catch them and the white rabbit before they're all gone!

You're invited to come and particate and collect all the goodies to be found. Make sure you look everywhere because you'll never know where they're hiding!
Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting a GREAT start

WOW! When I say that I mean it....
We have a great line up of shops and I'm so excited!
Remember everyone that the item has to be wonderland related and we could always use a few extra people for the hunt as well!
Dead line is soon we know but we didn't think that it would be this huge!
Can't wait to see what people come up with ^.^
-Ari Cheng