This is the list of hints that we have a Accumulated
It's not required that a store give a hint and some of these weren't given by the creator, but by the hunters of the group. This is not to replace what has already done but to help everyone out! Please don't take offense that these are up here :) Every effort is being made to get the rest of the prizes out so please be patient as we work out all of the kinks!
1. Time waits for no rabbit
2. A little fishing anyone?
3. Take a dip to find buried treasure
4. "I want chicken I want liver, meow mix, meow mix please deliver"
5. Nice and safe down here with the Queen of Hearts protecting me!!
6. Don't trip on me walking up the stairs!
7. "I stand behind my policies"
8. I'm so mad, I'm seeing red in August
9. I'm so mad, I'm seeing red in August
10. "At the place where all the colors are"
11. ."Behind the blacked out poster wall, not by the skins."
12."Feeling lucky?"
13. Don't trip over me to teleport up!!
14. Right infront of your nose! (You don't have to look far for a sweet treat)
15. Looking for a Lucky Sign?
16. I'm underneath your feet, but don't look down.
17.you hold the key to my heart, but I have the lock!
18. you must leave the leaves where they are
19. the cat hides the truth
20. 'eas'y does it.. just 'ease' back and enjoy the mermaids21."Sit here on the red chair and lemme peek, i'm the item that you seek! :-P"
22." I'm Just window Shopping"
23. If i hadn't been a Queen's Gaurd, i would have loved to work behind the cupcake counter!
24.Take a walk on the wild side and have a seat on the ceiling :D
25. And the light bulb goes on! Ding!
26. Make sure you water the plants as you go down
27. Come release your 'Inner Demons'!!
28. I have 3 beautiful ladies on top of me :O

29."Oh my! That's a huge mushroom!
No wonder some sit on mushrooms... but I rather stay low below..."

30. " You know looking through this window makes me wonder...
Will it rain today? "

32. I wouldn't like to be sacrificed!!
33. I love cubbies!! <3
34. Would you like some tea in a clean cup?
35. Try and set the cog on fire while I'm protecting it, I dare you! :P
36. I think I'd look good in black latex lingerie, don't you?
37.Poker table? Maybe.. maybe not?
38. On top of old Gacha!
39.Something new is going on around here.
40. Package me up with the Russian Dolls!!
41. Sit on me
42.  "I only have EYES for you, doll"
43. Reaching for the hand of a mermaid
44. Hint is in the hint giver In the store
45. Don't be fooled, you should sit down and take notes!!
46. Watch out when you land! You can't miss me! (Not in a card, check the freebie gift)
47. "What if I should fall right through the center of the earth..."
48. The Guards flank the heart ...where treasures truely are!
49. I sit on that which is not yet ripe!
50. Forget stars in your eyes, have stars in your hair!
51. Here i hide on the window sill
52. You will find me with Alice and the gang
53. Gun Ho! Wagons away!
54."without it my house would come down like a deck of cards"
55. Take a look on the ceiling
56. "try not to get your feet wet."
57."The hottest thing!"
58."Time is Dripping away from us.. Too Late..
59. 3 Cheshire Smiles on me!!
60. "I'm perched up here guarding the Queen's tarts from those thieving pirates!"
61. Make sure you water the plants on the way down
62. Protecting the sexy queen of hearts :D
63. "We're painting the roses red!!"