Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hunt Walk through Check ups~

Barring last min changes this is the complete walkthrough for the hunt. Please check where you're at in the hunt and how many boxes are assigned to you. If you need changes made, please speak up and let us know so that this can go smoothly :) Thank you so so much for participating. All of the hunt prizes are totally awesome. If you haven't seen the prize page of the blog go take a look.

{W.H.} Gift#

1-4 Anjali Parx {Meow Mix}

5 Anan Eebus {Unveiled Gallery}

6 Ari Cheng {Pretty Kitties}

7 Ona Ra {Jabberwocky}

8 & 9 Emedea Morgenstern {Rag Dollz}

10 & 11 Alice Demonia {Alice Project}

12 Ari Cheng {Pretty Kitties}

13 Anan Eebus {Unveiled Gallery}

14 Lael Cazalet {FlufferNutterz}

15-16 Nightingale Solo {Rhedd Night Designs}

17. Rhedd Adder (Evelock)

18-20 Ashlandleigha Darkward {Tails Of The Water}

21 Nitemara Daysleeper {Deadfall Designs}

22 Ari Cheng {Pretty Kitties}

23 Elise Capilini {Cupcakes & Poetry}

24 Telle Trezuguet {Bitter Bunnie Designs}

25 & 26 Dashwood Muircastle {Dashwood Collection}

27 Cathy Ryder {Ink Blots}

28 Kira Paderborn {Style By Kira}

29 Roshy Aura {RVi Designs}

30 Ari Cheng {Pretty Kitties}

31 Barangelys Chantilly {Aris Aris}

32 Anan Eebus {Unveiled Gallery}

33 Jenneh Thursday {Off The Wall}

34 Dimitra Martian {BelDimi Gestures}

35 Eden Malik {Moxie}

36 Danielle Indigo {Lurve}

37-39 Thena Claxton {Boof}

40 TommyTom Jun {Tweedle}

41 Kennedy Gearz {Kennedy's}

42 Apexil Aker {!!X Factor!!}

43 Anan Eebus {Unveiled Gallery}

44 Sherri Zeurra {The Delectable Doll}

45 Tatum Diesel {Love Me Brutal}

46 Zombina Gunawan {Belle Morte}

47 Twix Toxx {Petrichor}

48 AliciaKay Kilara {A Touch Of Ireland}

49 Tuki Loon {DownDownDown}

50 Tatyana Ultsch {Insanya}

51 Helena Brevity {Paper Heart}

52 Rachel Dooley {Short & Sweet Designs}

53 Xandra Bressig {Sour Pickles}

54 Rosalee Canning {Sweet Bites}

55 Frozen Rage {Venomous Rage Designs}

56 Shadukha Druart {Industrial Kitty}

57 gewitter (Drama Zone)

58 Liliane Despres (..::Rasetsukoku::..)

59. April Loire ( Coull Creations)

60.  Surreal LeShelle (Deviance)

61.  Cameron Vasiliov (...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::...)

62.BabyDoll LaFontaine (Baby Dolls)

63. Hallow Gothly (Twisted Gothly Designs)

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