Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tips for hunting!

We all have to deal with lag in one way or another and it can get worse as you move from sim to sim on this hunt. I've been asked several times how you can combat this so I thought I would write a lil blurb about how I hunt and hope these tips help you :)

To start make sure you aren't wearing any unnecessary huds. AO's, tiny empires, bloodlines, and any other huds create lag on the part of the user. As well, the more prims you wear as well as the type can cause lag. Anything flexi is more laggy than stationary prims, so if you have a hair that's not flexi it's a good idea to wear that one. I hunt barefoot since I love boomers and they're over 100 prims a piece! Any scripted objects you're wearing also cause lag, such as color changing shoes or hair :D (thx for reminding me sweet!)

If you're still lagging after all that, it's a good idea to turn down your draw distance and graphics, which you can find by pushing ctrl and P at the same time. Or if you're using the phoenix viewer you can turn it down using the window on the bottom right.

As a last resort, you can clear your cache and relog. You're basically storing a cache of textures for each sim and that can bog down your computer after a few sims :) I hope this helps everyone! Hugs! <3 Jali

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